Thursday, September 23, 2010

Your Business Loans IQ

Generally, you'll just be totally wasting your time and effort, money and credit scores with money grubbing loan brokers, bank officers that are super badly informed and even scams all over the online world if you don't get your "loan IQ" in order because you will be in need of business loans or line of credit in case you are a business and is starting from scratch. We are not speaking about getting business cards such as Office Depot , Staples, Office Max or gasoline fleet cards. We are referring to serious loans or credit lines over $50,000 into the millions of dollars. The very best client of Global Financial Services is the informed customer.

When you have any of the following " financial disorders" or perspective you have a low "loan IQ" and most likely require our services to get you back on track:

1. You think that simply because you have a corporation your personal credit won't be checked by the loan provider. Or, you are a sole proprietor with lousy credit and have no clue why you need a corporation or LLC.

2. Prior to applying for business loans, you do not have an idea exactly why you need to build business credit and also what Dun and Bradstreet is and also other credit bureaus.

3. You believe that with all the medical bills you might have in addition to experiencing a heart attack and other misfortunes can excuse you of your small FICO scores.

4. Your individual credit is trashed and you'll need a business loans guarantor with outstanding credit but refuse to understand this or look for one to assist you in the financing process. Basically, you want to do it by yourself!

5. You might be left in debt with lots of bills that should be paid out asap since your business partner either took money from your business or absconded you. You think a "second chance" will be presented to you by a lender because of what happened rather than trying to find an alternative creative funding.

6. You have the motion picture business and/or risky business and want thirty million dollars in a few days for your so called "fantastic project". Meanwhile, you might be out of cash, have trashed or no credit, no business tax returns or other documentation to borrow money or investor.

7. You're employed in Walmart, make $12/hour, have no business knowledge, no personal savings, no credit history and want $500,000 for your fresh "hip-hop" record label.

Do we need to offer more examples? We do not concentrate on business loans and financing in a "cookie cutter" way at Global Financial Services. You should be monetarily stable and hold the mind-set to attain your financial goals with sensible creative funding alternatives that the company look for. For a free private evaluation of whatever your situation may be, please do phone us today at 310-860-7510.

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