Saturday, September 4, 2010

Get Unique One Way Link Building

one way links, web design and Internet marketing go together hand in hand. Incompatibilities do appear between SEO and web design and such occurrences are pretty common. If the web designer and the SEO don't collaborate, trouble awaits around the corner. It is important for the success of a website to also include SEO elements in web design. If you don't follow this rule, the SEO will later come and rip off the design scheme, making part of work useless. Things should not go like that; this is where trouble begins.

SEO web design depends on the use of advanced effective link building techniques, so that the website looks great and it also has a well-optimized code. It is false to assume that search engine optimization applies solely to content, when you have to take care of the underlying code too. Don't overlook the importance of meta tags, titles and other elements because they are a big part of SEO web design too, influencing page rank and web popularity. The easy-to-use platform or pattern should be the number one rule for web design and SEO at the same time. Here is what I mean by this.

A website with a vertical in-depth design will be more difficult to access by search engines. The more complex the web design, the harder it will be for SE to index the pages. Incomplete access to website files is one of the causes for your page poor visibility. SEO web design would be a lot easier for a horizontal simple structure of the site. The horizontal structure is ideal for a quick access to the files. The directory structure definitely ranks highest in this context.

Numerous mistakes can be made during SEO web design, even if the designer and SEO work together. Among the common problems a higher frequency has been identified for:

- complex directory and file names with numbers and weird characters included;
- large images that are hard to load;
- fancy graphic;
- too little room for text;
- too many flash files that don't allow full access to text information, etc.

SEO web design is flawed if such problems appear, but the list of errors is much longer. It is important to entrust web design to a professional that also has SEO knowledge or who works with a SEO expert. Whoever designs your website he/she ought to do so according to the rules of easy access, user-friendliness and simplicity.

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