Sunday, August 29, 2010

Be a Marketable Beach Body Coach

A beach body coach has to be able to motivate his client to keep working out and dieting until the weight loss goal is reached. One doesn't have to be an expert fitness instructor to be a beach body coach though. Physical well-being and body building techniques can be learned from the gym, but it's the emotional stability that keeps a person on a diet.

You can earn money using several methods. You can charge per hour, the way most fitness coaches do. You can also be the one to sell memberships to diet clubs, diet books and nutrient supplements to your clients. The first option requires you to accept clients regularly because you're getting paid by the hour. Selling your time means you need to keep a schedule of commitments with clients. If you go for the second option, you have to partner with a good supplier or a good diet products company. Needless to say, this business is lucrative. Here are more tips for you if you think coaching is your line.

Tips for Beach Body Coaching

1. Make people trust you

When it comes to the world of coaching, it is all about having credibility. Credibility as a coach is important in getting clients and growing your business. This is one of the harder aspects of your coaching business to build up. One of the best ways to build credibility is to live clean, like you're taking your own advice. Simply take your experience and pour it into your coaching techniques. .

2. Advertising and marketing

There are beach body coaches that devote their life into helping clients, and they're paid well for it. But some coaches cannot market themselves. Promoting your services is one of the best ways to help people find you.

Once you get the media coverage you want by distributing PR materials, you can start a website devoted to promoting your services. It doesn't hurt to solicit for testimonials from current clients.. You might need to get coaching-specific testimonials by offering several free coaching sessions to a few prospects in exchange for their honest feedback about your program. If you receive less than stellar feedback, you can start fixing any bad techniques before getting any paid clients.

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